Hi, I'm Debbie Dugan, owner of The Relaxation Corporation. The idea behind my company is simple; make massage therapy an easy and integral part of people's lives. I have been a massage therapist for 14 years, starting my career in beautiful San Diego. Over the years I have worked at spas, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, festivals, parties...even a biker rally! No matter where I have provided this service, one thing remains true: people LOVE massage. It gives people a chance to pause their hectic lives and experience being in the present moment. I believe that massage therapy is a necessary component of one's health and wellness, and it needs to be accessible and available to all in the community. I have the privilege of saying that I truly love my profession and I feel honored to help people in this way.

My dream is to share the gift of massage to the people of Nebraska. I am also passionate about providing encouragement and support to other massage therapists who are growing their business. Through The Relaxation Corporation, massage will be accessible to the community while fostering the growth of individual massage practices. This partnership between the community and massage therapists will foster a healthier, happier Nebraska. 

I still have an individual massage practice in South Lincoln and can accept bookings through MassageBook. Please click below to book an appointment at my office.