Holiday must-haves for the athlete, the wellness junkie, and you!

The mighty lacrosse ball ($2.99, Ever use a tennis ball to rub out sore spots on your back, neck, or feet? This is a tennis ball on steroids! Its firm, gripping surface makes it ideal for self-myofascial release and deep trigger point release. I personally have several that I keep at home, at work, and for travel. There are also “double lacrosse balls” that can target the muscles on either side of your spine. (And stay tuned for future blog posts on all the cool ways you can use a lacrosse ball to loosen sore muscles.)

Psoas release ball ($45.00, What is a psoas you ask? It is a deep hip flexor muscle that resides in the “bowl” of you pelvis. This muscle chronically gets tight in runners, cyclists, and folks who sit long hours for work. To use this tool, you simply lay your lower belly on it and let your body weight do the work. There are several psoas release balls on the market, but the Rogue supernova is my favorite. This can double as a shoulder and thigh release tool as well. If you have any runners on your Christmas list, they will do back flips over this amazing gift.

Runner’s stick ($23.99, Speaking of runners, this bad boy is a must. Roll this tool over the front, back, and sides of your thighs and back of your calves for an intense yet effective muscle release.

Theracane ($29.95, This tool has been around forever and is another you’ll want to keep at home and in the office. This tool uses your leverage to grind out those nasty trigger points in your shoulder and upper back. You can flip the cane to target the base of your neck, jaw, and lower back. This tool is a lifesaver on the days you can't get in to your massage therapist or chiropractor.

Muscle rub ($7.00, My all time favorite muscle rub is Tiger Balm. This fragrant balm smells amazing, has a nice heat to it, and is long lasting. If you're currently addicted to Icy Hot, give this one a try.

Cervical traction pillow ($11.99, Like getting your neck pulled or stretched? This traction pillow allows you to control the level of stretch on your neck that feels good to you. If your significant other is always asking you to pull on their neck, get this pillow. And then steal it from them…

Aromatherapy diffuser & essential oils ($25.99 diffuser, $8.68 Auracacia oils, ): If you're like me and the smell of candles is a bit too intense, try an essential oil diffuser. I use the BAIESHIJI diffuser because I love the beautiful design and the lighting feature. I love Auracacia essential oils....Medieval Mix is my go-to for a winter immunity boost. Mellow mix is perfect for bedtime; when I diffuse this at night I am asleep in a snap!

Doterra products (prices vary): If you have not jumped on the Doterra train yet, you are missing out. They sell amazing essential oils, multivitamins, diffusers, muscle name it! The price point is higher than Auracacia oils, but the quality and purity is there. My absolute must-have oils include Breathe, Serenity, and On Guard. Hit up my girl Joanna Morgan at She will help you customize the perfect Christmas basket!

I hope this guide helps you cross a few items off your list! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!!

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