Beyond Relaxation.
Customized, targeted massage therapy to reach your goals.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage/ Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage

This technique is performed using gentle and specific strokes toward the direction of your body's lymph nodes. It is ideal for reducing sinus congestion and reducing facial or abdominal bloating. Lymph drainage also promotes a healthy immune system by filtering excess waste in the body. If you have had recent plastic surgery such as BBL, mommy makeover, facelift, lipo 360, or breast augmentation/reconstruction, this technique is ideal for rapid recovery. 

Customized Therapeutic Massage
A massage with firm to deep pressure customized to treat problem areas. Areas of concern will be addressed with techniques such as trigger point release, guasha, cupping, and myofascial release. This massage is ideal for those suffering from headaches, back pain, or mild soft tissue injuries. 
Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
A unique deep tissue experience as the therapist uses their feet to perform the massage while balancing from specialized bars. Deep stretches are also performed during the session. This massage is ideal for those wanting to improve their flexibility and have the deepest pressure possible. 
Medical Massage
Special training has been acquired for certain medical conditions such as cancer, neurological disorders, fibromyalgia, and pregnancy. An intake will be performed prior to your massage to discuss appropriate modifications to your session. 
In-home Massage
Enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home. 
( 2 people or 2 hour minimum required to book)